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Τελευταία σχέδια

Welcome in the first web page that is related mainly with the art of Tattoo, piercing, and in general with the arts.


    Through this page you can have a taste of the art of Tattoo, of Body Piercing, of Painting generally, but also of more forms of art as painting, sculptural, engraving etc.


    With your own support, with our own effort and above all, patience, we hope to accomplish the distinction of Greek artists of Tattoo, Piercing and not only, in all over the world.


    See Tattoos and Piercing photos of users and which artist created them, as well as Drawings for Tattoos that are registered by users. Find, also, information on Studios and personal works of artists with one simple "click".


    You can add your Tattoo, Piercing, Drawing in our database and talk with other users in the Chat or even discuss any subject in our Forum, by registering your name totally Free of Charge.


    Write your opinion about our page in the guestbook.


    Find Studios for Tattoo, Piercing, clothing shops, jewels' laboratories, be informed for events that take place everywhere and many more.


    We hope you have a good search and do not hesitate to contacts us, in case you need anything.


    For observations, improvements and comments send your mail by clicking here. We thank you a lot for your support and we hope to be able to show you this, on our own way.

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